The best expedition tents for camping

best expedition tents

The best tents for camping should be very stable and stand firm in strong winds even with snow loads. Geodesic tents are particularly stable. These are domes that use four or six crossed tent poles. The tents are usually constructed in such a way that a double tent rod can be used for stabilization. Hillebert … Read more

Compact Binoculars for Hiking, best small binoculars

best small binoculars

When outdoors canoeing, hiking, or backpacking a pair of compact binoculars might always be useful to have. The best small binoculars need to be stowed in your pocket or backpack without adding much weight or bulk. There is already enough gear and stuff that you are carrying around for your outdoor activities, such as food provisions, sleeping … Read more

Camping Stoves – What are the best backpacking stoves?

best camp stove

Never mind where you hike, a camp stove is a must have. Not in every environment is wood or other natural fuel ready at hand. A good lightweight backpacking stove allows you to cook a good meal anywhere and quickly. Especially if you had a long day hiking and it’s getting late to set up your … Read more