Holiday Gift Ideas For Outdoorsy Folks

Spending time in nature comes with many physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. So, if you have friends or family who love the outdoors, it would make sense to support their efforts, right? And there’s no better time to do that than when you’re picking out their gifts for the holidays. To make your job a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best budget-friendly gifts on the market for the campers, glampers, and other outdoorsy folks.

Shopping on a Budget for Outdoorsy Folks? Here are the Best Gift Ideas

Streaming Stick

One benefit of spending time outdoors is that you can disconnect from technology to relax and recenter your thoughts. However, that doesn’t mean you have to disconnect the entire time you’re camping or hiking. If you have loved ones who would enjoy watching their favorite shows and movies at the end of the day, a streaming stick is a perfect gift — given that they have access to WiFi and some form of power where they are staying. To determine which model to get, compare streaming devices and prices available.

Bluetooth Speaker

This is another great entertainment-related gift for an outdoorsy person. A portable Bluetooth speaker will enable your loved one to enjoy enhanced sound while watching or listening to media on any Bluetooth-enabled device. This could literally come in handy at any time of day or night, especially for glampers. While there are portable Bluetooth speakers that cost around $400, you can find some that are sure to satisfy for $30 to $40.

Digital Cameras

If you have a friend or family member who fancies themself as a budding photographer, then you may want to consider getting them a good digital camera. Although you can easily spend a lot of money on these cameras, there are plenty of options available right now that won’t completely bust your budget. And if your child wants to give digital photography a try, there are quite a few cameras made specifically for them! For example, the VTech Kidizoom DUO Camera is a great choice for kids, as it gives them a lot of features in a child-friendly device.


This is a very practical option. A headlamp can come in handy whether you’re on a backpacking adventure in the wilderness, glamping on a campground, or pitching a tent in your own backyard at night. Being able to see better not only makes activities more convenient, but it also adds a layer of safety to the experience. You can score a high-quality headlamp for as little as $20.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Roasting marshmallows is almost as much of a camping staple as building the fire itself. However, going rugged with the whole marshmallows-on-a-twig thing isn’t for every camper out there. If your loved one prefers an orderly, sanitary twist on their camping experience, a set of marshmallow roasting sticks could be just the thing for them. Ranging anywhere from $8 to $22, these could pass either as a main gift or stocking stuffer.

Sleeping Bag

When it comes to essential camping and backpacking items, a good sleeping bag is a top priority. After all, you have to get a good night’s sleep, no matter where you are or what the weather is like. So, if your loved one spends ample time braving the wilderness (or the backyard), this is a solid choice. And you have plenty of options for quality sleeping bags going for $35 or less. Moreover, since they’re lightweight and easy to pack if your loved one happens to already have a sleeping bag they love, it won’t hurt them to have an extra one. In fact, it could encourage them to bring you along on the next trip!


Finally, your loved one is likely to need food and drinks on their excursions; therefore, a good cooler could prove especially useful. With options ranging from $25 to $400, you can get as practical or extravagant as you want with this purchase.

Why not show your support for the outdoorsy people in your life by gifting them something that encourages their healthy activities? A streaming stick, portable Bluetooth speaker, headlamp, marshmallow roasting sticks, sleeping bag, and cooler are all stellar gifts this holiday season.

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Article by: Ted Fernandez

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