salmon fishing in alaska

Unforgettable Experience of Alaska Salmon Fishing

The very mention of Alaska and salmon fishing brings up thoughts of grandeur, pristine forest, snowy peaks, and a pole bent double as the line rips through the water. Salmon fishing in Alaska is closer than you think, and it’s even more beautiful than the photos you’ve seen. Check out Prince of Whales Island, near … Read more

Hiking Angel’s Landing – Tips for an awesome Hike

There are a few places in the Western U.S. that I feel people should visit. Zion National Park is one of those places. Anyone that has ever watched a western or wanted to see the desert, should make their way here. The drive is scenic on its own. No matter what the terrain will change … Read more

Appalachian Fun

Plans are made and the anticipation left to simmer through the week as a climbing trip to the New River Gorge (NRG) becomes a glorious weekend of adventure with friends in a magical place. The week feels like it drags on as you imagine yourself on ridge tops or deep in dark ravines climbing towards … Read more

Havasupai Falls, The Hike of a Lifetime.

Havasupai Falls is one of the most mystical destinations I have ever been to. Every year thousands of people fight over a ticket to be able to hike and camp at Havasupai Falls. Havasupai Falls is in an Indian reservation in Arizona that sits among the cliffs that make up the Grand Canyon. There is … Read more