Coleman Montana 8 Person Family Tent. Best Coleman Family Tents

Now, if you are looking for the best Coleman Family Tents that are spacious, comfortable and convenient enough for between four and six people then the Coleman Montana 8 Person Family Tent is the one. This tent is pretty awesome and comfortable, but it’s not going to perfectly fit 8 people within it as advertised. Not that it’s not going to, they are just not going to feel as comfortable, and the intrusion of private space is going to be a fact. However, disregarding this teeny-tiny detail would provide you with loads to grab onto.

Features of the Coleman Montana 8 Person Family Tent

The Coleman Montana 8 Person Family Tent is packed with all sorts of different features. It comes with a convenient electrical-access port which is going to provide you with the chance of running a cord from your device in the tent to a power supply located outside which is pretty neat.

The tent also has perfectly modified dome structure which is including a covered front porch as well as wings. That’s right – you are going to be provided with tons of outdoor living space for your own personal convenience. Imagine drinking your coffee while enjoying the fabulous mountain scenery at the same time – quite fantastic, isn’t it?

The Coleman Montana 8 Person Family Tent is easy to pitch

One of the biggest burdens associated with large family tents is the fact that they are hard to assemble. Well, this one the setup is particularly quick as well as relatively simple. This is because of shock-corded poles as well as the exclusive pin and ring design and the continuous pole sleeves. There are also InstaClip attachments which are going to attribute to the overly easy assembly.

There are quite a few sewn in bags which are going to provide you with tons of convenience as well. In any case, if it is fun family camping experience that you are out on the look for and you need a solution for your six and possibly eight family members, this is without a doubt a strong contender.

This Coleman family tent is particularly solid and rather stable. You can rest assured that you would be protected in the events of high winds or strong rainfalls. In any case, this could be the perfect solution for your family, but it’s always best to see for yourself whether or not it’s going to match your own personal preferences. Each person has his own desires, but this tent, in particular, is surely something to consider.

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