Coleman Kids Wonder Lake 2 Person Dome Tent

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The Coleman Kids Wonder Tent is a good choice when you are looking for a 2 person dome tent for children’s camping excursions. This kid’s camping tent comes at a very low price, it is a great tent for beginning campers that don’t camp in extreme conditions. It’s quick and easy to pitch so kids don’t lose enthusiasm with complicated instructions.

The Coleman Kids Wonder Lake 2-person dome tent is perfect for camping in the garden or on a campsite. Well suited as a second tent for children that can be set up next to the large family tent. So the children have their own space, where they can play, just hang out and be able to enjoy that natural outdoor experience. It also comes with additional features that will surely delight the kids such as a glow-in-the-dark emblem.

Coleman Kids Wonder Lake 2 Person Dome Tent Features

The Coleman Kid’s Wonder Lake 2 Person Dome Tent comes with a WeatherTec Feature that will keep the tent dry during the rainy weather. The dome-shaped design withstands strong and heavy winds.  The rainfly and the door canopy are manufactured to enhance the protection of the camping tent against severe weather conditions.  Pitching the tent is easy which makes it very ideal for kids who love the outdoor life.  With the patented pin-and-ring the pole will instantly secure your tent.  It only takes a matter of 10 minutes to fully erect your tent.  The Polyguard fiber material is super durable it is deliberately made to last a lifetime.  It also comes with an expandable bag that provides very convenient packing in case the kids are planning to take the camping tent for a short outdoor adventure.

Coleman Kids Wonder Lake Tent, 2-Person Children's Tent for Campsite, Backyard, or Indoor Use, Includes Rainfly, Carry Bag, and Storage Pockets; Youth Tent Sets Up in About 10 Minutes

Manufactured from strong polyester that ensures proper ventilation and air circulation, the Coleman Kid’s Wonder Lake 2 Person Dome Tent will not only be durable but also comfortable. The manufacturer is also offering a 1-year warranty which you will not receive from other camping tent manufacturers. The dimensions of the tent are around 3.4×4.1×3.5 feet, which makes it suitable for young kids only, older kids will want to use regular tents anyway. There is an additional storage pocket where you can store your camping gear so it will not take so much space.  Your personal equipment will be safe and at hand when it’s needed.

A weather-resistant Kid’s camping tent, at a budget price

One of the most laudable features of Coleman Kid’s Wonder Lake 2 Person Dome Tent would be the level of protection.  It does not only protect your kids from different weather conditions, but the fly screens also provide protection from bugs and keep the kids safe from insect bites.  Despite the well-ventilated feature, it also assures the user with complete privacy.

In case you are looking for an affordable camping tent that your children will surely love, I can recommend the Coleman Kid’s Wonder Lake 2 Person Dome Tent.

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