5 Reasons To Buy A Lightweight Tent

The ever-increasing popularity of lightweight tents is no coincidence – they come with numerous benefits that no backpacker should ignore. They are surprisingly functional and portable and can really enhance your backpacking experience.

While big tents for the whole family provide plenty of space, they are often so heavy and bulky when packed, that they are unsuitable for hiking trips. Even if you are traveling with several people, it is way more practical to take several small tents on the tour. So here are the top 5 reasons to buy a lightweight tent.

1. A lightweight tent is all about cutting down on weight

First and foremost, the main reason for buying a lightweight tent is already in the name. It’s all about saving weight.

If you are alone on a hike, then there is enough equipment that is indispensable. Food, pots, cooker, first aid kit, weather gear, sleeping bag…, all this adds the pounds to your backpack.

A lightweight tent can significantly reduce your backpack’s weight, and this means less strain on your body, less energy expenditure. You can hike further and longer.

2. Older Backpackers Can Continue Practicing Their Hobby

Many people decided to give up on backpacking because it can be quite demanding on our bodies, and when the years accumulate, they can no longer carry all the equipment that is required. But going lightweight is the best way to continue practicing your favorite hobby. Saving on weight allows people who are not that young and strong anymore to continue to practice their favorite outdoor activities.

3. They as Functional as Heavier Tents

Backpacking equipment is constantly being improved, and lightweight is no longer related to less functionality. A lightweight tent offers all the features and comfort a heavier tent comes with, and this is extremely important when it comes to backpacking. Nowadays, manufacturers have at their disposal quality materials that are durable, can ensure warmth during cold nights, and at the same time, they are much lighter than traditional materials being used for tents.

4. Cover more Distance when carrying a lightweight tent

The lighter your tent is, the less weight you are carrying, and this allows you to cover more distance. A lightweight tent will allow you to travel longer daily distances and you will able to see more of the beautiful countryside in less time. The further into the backcountry you are, the less crowded trails you travel and the more enjoyable your backpacking is. In addition, the shorter days during early spring or late fall mean less distance covered, but you can compensate this with a lighter tent.

5. Allow For Additional Gear

By getting a lightweight tent, you have more space and can carry additional camping gear. More gear can enhance your backpacking experience, bring more comfort and functionality. Every pound counts when you are traveling through the countryside, and longer trips usually require more gear. With a lightweight tent, bringing everything you need is no longer a problem.


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