Pop Up Tents – Great For Weekend And Festival Camping

The best tent for festival camping should be quick and easy to pitch so you don’t spend half your weekend setting up camp. There are a lot of different kinds of instant tents for weekend camping. You can find some cheap pop-up tents that provide simple but sufficient sleeping space to make it through a weekend festival. There are also more expensive, more durable tents, that are spacious enough to wait out a bad weather spell without feeling all cramped in.  So for a spontaneous weekend camping trip to your favorite campground to relax from a busy workweek, do some fishing, or enjoy quality time with your children, you always need the right tent.

Instant Tents and Pop-up tents

Very quick to set up and leaving quality time for other recreational activities Pop-up tents and Instant tents are the best tents for weekend camping trips. They are also a very practical alternative to conventional tents as their self-supporting design allows most of them to be pitched without guy lines or tent pegs and they still stay in shape.

Instant tents are available in different sizes from small one-man tents to large family tents that provide space for 4 or more people. In terms of the price, they range from very affordable tents that compromise on durability and may only last for a few camping trips, to long-lasting quality tents. It all depends on the materials used and the workmanship of the seams and zippers, the water resistance, and finally the robustness as well as the handling of the tent.

Instant pop up tents are good for

  • Spontaneous weekend camping trips
  • Hiking and canoeing trips
  • Cycling tours
  • Concerts, festivals, or fairs
  • Play Tents for  Kids
  • Beach Tents
  • Secondary emergency tent

Advantages of Instant Tents

  • Quick and easy to pitch
  • Lightweight tents
  • No complicated  manuals to read
  • Suitable for camping beginners to set up


  • Pack often bulky disc shape
  • Some are difficult to get back into the pack
  • Not as wind and weather-resistant as conventional tent designs

Buying a tent

What’s the best tent for weekend camping is difficult to say? It depends again on what you demand from the tent and where and what you going to use it for. What’s good enough for a festival visit may not be good enough for a camping vacation with the kids.  Look and compare the different features of the tents to make sure you don’t regret buying them when you are outdoors. If in doubt, it may not be wrong to spend the extra dollar for some feature that might eventually become handy.

Most common tent designs Pop Up Tents

Instant tents and pop-up tents most commonly are a kind of hybrid between dome design and tunnel design. The self-assembling folding mechanisms and self-supporting pole design make this shape ideal for an instant tent while still providing good resistance against wind and rain.  If need be, may it be on stony ground or a full festival campsite, those tents have enough self-support to stay firm in shape even without guy ropes.  If you need a tent to withstand extreme weather then instant tents are not an option for you.

How does a pop-up tent work?

The pop-up mechanism works by the special arrangement poles, They are sewn into the outer skin of the tent.  When folded together, the poles are arranged in a ring that is under tension. To pitch the tent simply take it out of the bag, throw it in the air, and the tent unfolds. Pin it with the tent pegs and secure it with the guy lines.

Is a pop-up tent practical for me?

If you need a tent for a short weekend trip and don’t want to spend a lot of time on complicated tent pitching, then a Pop-up tent might be the right solution. They take out the hassle of a time-consuming and complicated process of setting up camp. They are not suitable for demanding environments and situations where survival could depend on a reliable tent. But for quick weekend camping trips or for festival camping they are a great option.

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